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The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

With a summer full of sequels, one of the most awaited ones was the follow up to the bone chilling 2013 horror movie, The...
nice guy movie

Nice Guys Movie 2016

With so many sequels and remakes being paraded onto the theater screens in 2016, Shane Black’s “Nice Guys” comes as welcome change. The highly...
high rise movie review

High Rise Movie

Movies adapted from books are always expected to be good and pay homage to their source material, even though that seems impossible. And when...
olympics ended 2016 rio

Samba & Super Mario – Olympics Ended in True Rio Fashion

Olympic Games have always been one of the biggest sporting events viewed from all over the world. Professional athletes from all over the world...
no man's sky


Science-fiction enthusiasts are definitely in for an adventure. No Man’s Sky is a game presented in an infinite fantastical universe in which every star is...