Healthy Ideas for Good Health

Good Health Habits

The book by Harvard PhD Psychologist launched it on 1949 that changed everything. The theory, “Nerves that fire together, wire together” was being emphasized in the book. Hebb dedicated himself in studying the human behavior and how to change it.

“You are the culmination of your habits”. Regardless of what anyone says, the daily habits accounts for the personality you are today and that you will become.

He became one of the most sought after researchers in the field of behavioral change. The motto was that a change in habits leads to a change in your life. If you are not 100% satisfied with yourself, the sole reason is your habits. Hebb was able to discover the best way to change your habits and hence change your life.

A person is a total of their habits and their habits are what they have conditioned themselves to do. There is an urgent need to set up a system that will teach people how to rebuild their habits.

yoga benefits

Yoga is a perfect exercise to body and psyche. Perfecting yoga offers various health advantages including healthy body, significant peacefulness and relaxation, expanded focus and vision, and so on. Yoga has its unlimited benefits since old times. Also, beyond any doubt Yoga has helped huge numbers of people to live quiet and serene lives.

Only some habits have something to do with exercise and health. There are others that are basically lifestyle hacks that will force you to look, feel and perform your best, jack up your energy and boost fat loss.

Some of the habits to change includes:

  • Avoid common household toxins that makes you fat, tired and sick.
  • Getting eight hours of sleep is a wrong habit and may drain your energy, instead sleep for 7 hours 30 minutes and you will feel the difference.
  • Add more vegetables and fruits to your daily diet.
  • Adapt a simple and effective breathing tricks that will shift the nervous system from fight to rest and digest. (from stressed to relaxed).
  • Daily exercise is crucial to make you feel powerful, happy and purposeful. Even twenty minutes daily are sufficient enough.

The main ratio of weight related problem can be judged from these five dimensions, left is healthy whereas right is dangerous and tricky.

  • Weight Status, healthy to overweight/underweight
  • Eating Behaviors, steady eating practice to binge eating
  • Body image, satisfied to dissatisfied
  • Physical Activity, moderate to absent/excessive