RV Popularity Grows In the Age Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has hit the tourism world hard. People are restricted in where they can go to travel, and most international countries are closing their borders to try and stop the spread of the virus. Most people do not feel safe staying somewhere that is not their bed, so what are we supposed to do if we want to vacation and stay healthy in the process?

Restrictions are beginning to lift as Summer 2020 begins, and now people are trying to figure out the best way to navigate their vacation during this pandemic. Travel experts are concluding that Summer 2020 will be the year of road trips. This is mainly due to social distancing still being in effect, and auto travel is rebounding faster than group travel.

People are now turning to RVs to help complete their summer travel. Staying in a hotel or motel don’t seem as appealing as it once did, and RVs are rapidly becoming the go-to transportation method. Experts expect more people to venture out again and do it in an RV and sticking closer to home. We can already see this happening too.

RV dealers around the United States are reporting a surge in inquiries. Floor traffic in dealerships has increased by around 30% as well. Most of these inquiries come from first-time RVers due to the pandemic messing with these usual summer plans.

Ipsos research did a test, and according to families across America, RV travel and camping seems like an appealing vacation option during this pandemic. Forty-six million Americans say they plan on taking an RV trip within the next 12 months, which is great news for RV manufacturers, dealerships, and campgrounds that are just beginning to open again.

Even when COVID is over, Americans are saying that RV camping is a preferred vacation. This was put against cars and tents, cruises, rental stays, and air travel. Fifty-one perfect even said they plan on taking RV trips because of current health concerns.

Besides the Ipsos research, Kampgrounds of American did an annual survey that found a higher interest in trips among people who have camped in the past and are willing to camp again. Prior to COVID, Americans were less likely to going camping for their chosen vacation.

Toby O’Rourke, the CEO of Kampgrounds of America, said their business was significantly rebounding during this time. They can offer hundreds of private campgrounds in the United States and Canada. These inquired include both RVers and vacationers looking to pitch a tent. Everyone agrees that no matter what type of camping you’re doing, there is ample space for social distancing.

With that being said, campgrounds are taking extra precautions during this time. Check-ins are contact-free, and facilities are getting cleaning more frequently. Group sizes are also being limited, and some amenities, like pools and playgrounds, are off-limits.

Craig Kirby, RV Industry Association President, said it’s because it provides the consumer with an opportunity to travel where they want when they want. It gives them the freedom to control their travel experience, and it opens them to unlimited possibilities with outdoor recreations and adventures. In the end, it also allows them to connect with their families and friends safely.