Top 10 Smartphones for 2018

6. Apple iPhone X – Top Smartphones

#6 Top Smartphones for 2018

Weighted Score: 8.1
OS: iOS 11
Price: $1,099
CPU: A11 Bionic
Display Size/Resolution: 5.8 inches – 1125×2436 pixels
Storage: 64GB/256GB
Camera: 12 mp
Battery Life: 10.5 hours

Well, iPhone users won’t like us ranking the Apple iPhone X this low, but it is justified. We use a variety of features to weight the score of each phone, price being one of them. Make no mistake though, the iPhone X is the best smartphone on the market period. From the lightning fast A11 Bionic processor to the crisp OLED display, this iPhone beats all others. However, you pay a price. A hefty one. Not that Apple user care about that but we just couldn’t ignore it.