Spring Cleaning Tips

Daylight Savings has been implemented, the sun is finally baring its face behind the solemn winter clouds, and humans everywhere are emerging from hibernation only to find their living spaces have become slightly disheveled. One constructive way of taking advantage of the extended sunlight is evaluate the present comportment of your home and engage in the endeavor of thoroughly cleansing it.

That can, of course, constitute myriad things. Perhaps you’ve depleted your storage space and consequently need to dispose of some of the superfluous items you’ve accrued over the years. Maybe your garden has become shabby during the frigid Winter months, and could require a fresh attempt at cultivation. Whatever the case, Spring is a time of vivacity and renewal, so invest your efforts in a day or two of vigorous cleaning to ensure your home appears sparkling and new. Here are several tips to consider as you begin contemplate how to most effectively clean your home.

Organize Storage Spaces

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If you have excess storage space in your home where you store miscellaneous items, it might be a worthwhile idea to organize them more precisely. Divide your accrued items into three discrete categories: keep, donate and dispose. Much of what you have accumulated over the year may no longer be necessary and it may be time to part ways with items no longer in consistent use. Donate items that can be constructively leveraged by others to charities in your local area and dispense of items that have become superfluous.

Clean Windows And Blinds

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The most common mistake when cleaning one’s windows is to perform the task on a sunny day. In sweltering heat, the cleaner you’re applying will dry on the warm windows, leaving streaks that can become difficult to remove. Opt to clean your windows on shadier day with more moderate temperatures. Don’t hesitate with applying a diligent amount of cleaning spray, especially if your windows are particularly tawdry. Do not skimp and use paper towels as an applicator, instead use something akin to microfiber cloths.

Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets invariably track filth. It might be less detectable, given the carpet’s fabric, but dirt nonetheless still collects. One useful tip to thoroughly clean your carpet is to dust it with baking soda and carpet deodorizer and then vacuum it. Alternative, if your carpet is especially unclean, one can reach out to a carpet cleaning service.

Refrigerator Frenzy

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Your fridge is bound is bound to become messy, without adequate attention. Be sure to rifle your refrigerators bins, remove excess or expired items, and deep scrub them assiduously to eradicate any stubborn food waste. Scan your refrigerator’s interior shelving to, again, ensure that you’re only retaining items you intend to use relatively soon.

Organize Your Junk Drawers

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We all have “junk drawers” where we place miscellaneous materials that don’t have an appropriate “resting place,” otherwise. Empty them out and clean the refuse. Similar to your storage materials, sort the items what can still be of use, and what has outlived its usefulness. Once the drawers have been properly cleansed, sort your belongings in more organized fashion, where you’ll be able to quickly recall where they are.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

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Your restroom can become quite a mess without consistent and cleaning. There are numerous things that will likely merit your attention. Freshen or unclog any petulant drains. To facilitate any unclogging efforts, use a product similar to Drano. To clean your drains effectively, you can apply a homemade concoction of baking soda and salt to relieve them of any accrued dirt. Hard water can also collect in inconspicuous places, like your showerhead. Scrubbing vociferously with a sturdy sponge should ameliorate the debris buildup. And if you have white tile, invest in a grout cleaner and grout brush and brighten up your surroundings.

Vacuum Furniture

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Especially if you have a pet, it doesn’t take a Nostradamus to know that fur will invariably gather around your home. Remove your furniture from any adjacent walls and vacuum the resulting space, which has likely accumulated a stray amount of dog or cat fur and dust. Once you’re finished with the underground of your furniture, switch to the upholstery fool on your machine and thoroughly vacuum the cushions of your sofa.

Wash Bedding

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Pillows and comforters often get lost in our weekly washer/dryer routine. These don’t need to be cleaned routinely, only several times a year, but like anything else, they do get dirty. Ensure you check the labels of your pillows and comforter, in order to ensure you’re washing the material properly.