6 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Daily Routine

Yoga has been scientifically proven to provide many benefits to one’s body as well as their mind. It doesn’t have to be hard — yoga is made up of simple body exercises and provides a variety of benefits. Here are 6 reasons to add yoga to your daily routine.

Good Sleep

When one does yoga, the pent-up energy associated with causing sleeping challenges is released. Through yoga, your nervous system will be relaxed, and you can get a sound sleep. Yoga has a meditative aspect; this helps one to clear thoughts which may prevent you from getting sleep at night.

Some people are kept awake by persistent overthinking, so doing yoga at certain times during the day will help clear the mind, hence getting a better shut eye. Some poses have been proven to be of great help in inducing proper sleep. For example, the “halasana”, “savasana”, or “uttanasana” poses — if done before going to bed, will relax your body and mind, making it easier to get a good night’s sleep.

Increased Energy

Some poses like “salabhasana, utthita trikonasana and utkatasana helps boost body energy and shed off unwanted energy which has been trapped in the body. These poses relax your muscles and increases body strength hence enabling you to move on with your daily chores swiftly.

Lowers Blood Pressure – 6 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Daily Routine

Doing yoga plays a role in lowering your blood pressure as your cardiovascular function is well improved. The calm nature of yoga gives this benefit, as feeling good lowers the blood pressure. Since your mind is relieved all the pressure making your heartbeat to be calm and normal. This is associated with reducing all heart related diseases and increasing life span.

Improves Metabolism

Yoga helps improve your body metabolism, this is beneficial as it enables you to control your body weight, as gaining weight may lead to diseases like obesity. It improves your lean muscles hence making them flexible, this enables boost metabolism which provides the body with energy necessary for carrying out daily activities.

Increases Immunity – 6 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Daily Routine

Doing yoga will raise your body’s immunity, enabling you to avoid getting the common cold or flu. And if you do get sick, doing yoga may help you get back to healthy quickly. A body with high immunity towards diseases is at a better position of avoiding diseases like cancer and other serious diseases which may attack the body in future.

Improves Memory

Yoga improves blood flow to the brain which makes it work superbly. It helps prevents mental disorders which may affect the brain — such as Alzheimer’s disease. The padahastasana is one of the poses that can improve brain functioning — it entails bending with your head near your knees.