Acai Berry – The ultimate super food for energy, stamina, digestion and mental stimulation

[wp_ad_camp_1]Acai Berry – The ultimate super food as it’s called, is a strange type of fruit that grows in the rain forests of South America. It usually has a large stone that takes up most of the berry. Its is dark and purple and is slightly smaller than a grape. It is mostly used with ice cream, cereals and energy drinks.

Acai is considered as being more than an organic fruit. In the Amazon rain forests, all the fruits are untouched by any sort of manufacturing, and everything is grown in the way intended by nature.

Acai berry has been known to greatly enhance metabolism. It is highly recommended by Dr Nicholas Perricone, a health guru who also named it the “superfood”. The fruit was discovered after the turn of the millenium. The natives in the Amazon have been enjoying its health benefits for years. Acai is abundant in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that has been proven to combat cholesterol and free radicals. Consumption has been proven to reduce blood related complications and relax blood vessels. It also helps in preventing arthresclerosis and is a very good combatant of cancer.

Just like red wine has anthocyanin content from the grapes and is very healthy , acai berry has over 30 times the anthocyanin content than any grape.

Acai berry contains an acid called aleic which is very good for the heart. Oleic acid keeps cancer causing oncogene ( usually found in breast cancer patterns ) from acting up.

Acai is also effective for digestive problems. Used as a dietary supplement, it is very low in fat and cholesterol content and yet high in fiber. These nutrients are usually found in the skin layer of the fruit which also contains phytosterols, Vitamin C, E, manganese, chromium, copper and even boron as well as calcium. In fact Acai berry contains more calcium than milk.

This magical fruit also helps improve lipoprotein matabolism and reinforces your immune system. It has very powerful aphrodisiac properties and boost stamina, sex drive and energy levels in the body. Drinking acai as juice or smoothie also helps you sleep better at night. Consuming acai berries is also known to have more protein than an egg white.

Unfortunately , Acai berry is not found in many stores as the fruit spoils very quickly. The only way the fruit can be bought is frozen, pureed form, or as juice or smoothie.